Disability / Honor Code / Attendance Policy


Reasonable accommodations will be made for those with documented disabilities. Contact disability services in the Academic Development Center for evaluation.


Students will be bound by the University of Miami Honor Code. All reports, papers, written assignments, test papers and examination papers submitted would abide by the honor code that states that student has neither given nor received any aid on each assignment. Academic dishonesty may result in a lower grade or failing grade for the entire course.


The University of Miami, although a secular institution, is determined to accommodate those students who wish to observe religious holy days. Classes missed due to observances of religious holy days will count as excused absences only if you provide written notice of your intended absence(s) to me no later than the end of the first three meetings of our class. The ways in which missed tests, quizzes and other assignments can be made up after you return to class will be provided at a later date.


The University of Miami has no provisions for unexcused absences.  Attendance at all classes is expected.  All excuses are to be submitted in writing for the instructor’s approval.  Missing more than three classes will lower your grade or be cause for failure.


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